We are an interdisciplinary center that combines psychotherapy and integrative medicine to give families the most comprehensive, individualized, and natural care. 

We collaborate with you and your family to identify the root cause to what ails you. We are here to support you through difficulties, help you navigate through challenges, and ultimately, raise your quality of life and help you thrive.


At Mighty Village, our foundation is built upon relationships.

Rooted in interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB), a scientific approach developed by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., we focus on how the mind, brain, and relationships come together to shape who we are. By assessing what areas of the brain are being over- or underutilized, we help our clients use their existing strengths and resources to create balance and become more adaptive. Together, we can learn skills to not only work through life’s challenges but to experience a greater sense of meaning, connection, and joy.


At Mighty Village, we work collaboratively to identify the root cause of symptoms and treat the whole person.

Our medical care is individualized and designed to identify and correct not just bandaid underlying biochemical and metabolic imbalances through optimizing functioning of vital organs such as the thyroid and gut (gastrointestinal system), assisting the body’s detoxification systems, and balancing macro- and micro-nutrients. We utilize effective interventions and the least invasive, most natural treatments available.


Learning to slow down, reflect without judgment, and focus attention — what we call "mindfulness" — can have a profound impact on how we live.

Recent studies in neuroscience and mindfulness show how our mind can actually change the physical structure of our brain and positively impact relationships. Practicing mindfulness and learning to focus attention stimulates growth in the important region of the brain known as the middle prefrontal cortex, which improves our abilities to communicate, balance mood and emotions, manage stress, and choose our thoughts and actions — rather than simply react — leading to more balanced, healthier, and happier lives. "Mindsight," a term coined by Dr. Siegel, takes mindfulness a step further and allows us to connect more deeply with others, bringing about more kindness and compassion within us and between us.